Demographic Dataset for Estonia

Decoding Estonia: A Digital Overview of 2023 Demographics and Municipalities


Estonia, a blend of medieval heritage and digital frontiers, is as intriguing demographically as it is historically. Our comprehensive "Demographics Dataset Estonia 2023" delves into the fabric of this Baltic nation, offering detailed insights into the demographic characteristics of the population residing in all 79 Linnad (cities) and Vallad (municipalities). Delivered at the granular level of Linnad/Vallad, our dataset is a valuable asset for businesses and researchers alike.

Demographics Data Estonia - a picture of Tallinn

Among the municipalities, the smallest ones such as Ruhnu vald, with a population of 83, and Loksa linn, with 2,569 residents, reveal a fascinating aspect of Estonia's demographic mosaic. The average population per municipality stands at approximately 16,700, indicating a diverse range of community sizes from the quaint Ruhnu rural municipality to the bustling streets of Tallinn. This dataset not only captures the essence of Estonia's populous cities but also the unique charm of its smaller communities.

Population Distribution: A Closer Look

At the heart of Estonia's demographic landscape is its diverse population. The bustling capital, Tallinn, is home to 440,598 people, embodying a rich blend of history and modernity. Following Tallinn, the cities of Tartu (97,651), Narva (52,819), Pärnu (50,781), and Kohtla-Järve (32,952) contribute significantly to the nation's urban tapestry. Each city, with its unique character, plays a crucial role in the country's cultural and economic vitality. Our gender distribution analysis reveals an intriguing female majority, particularly pronounced in the capital. 

Demographics Data Estonia - gender distribution

Marital Status Distribution

The marital landscape in Estonia offers varied insights. In Tallinn, the balance between singles and married individuals suggests a dynamic social environment, reflective of the city's youthful energy. Contrastingly, Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, and Kohtla-Järve show a slightly higher percentage of widowed individuals, indicating a more mature population. This diversity in marital status underscores the varying social needs across the country. Delve into our Marital Status Distribution Chart for a comprehensive view.

Demographics Data Estonia - marital status distribution

Age Distribution

Estonia's age profile is as diverse as its landscape. Tallinn, with its vibrant economy, attracts a younger demographic, reflected in its lower percentage of the population aged 65 and older. On the other hand, cities like Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, and Kohtla-Järve have a relatively higher elderly population, highlighting the need for age-inclusive policies and services. Our Age Distribution Chart illustrates these regional variations in age demographics.

Demographics Data Estonia - age distribution

Nationality Distribution

The nationality distribution within Estonia paints a picture of cultural plurality. While the majority in Tallinn and the next four major cities - Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, and Kohtla-Järve - hold Estonian citizenship, there's a notable presence of Russian and other citizenships, particularly in cities like Narva, reflecting historical ties and migration patterns. This blend of nationalities enriches Estonia's cultural fabric, as seen in our Nationality Distribution Chart.

Demographics Data Estonia - nationality distribution

Education Distribution

Education in Estonia is a cornerstone of its advancement, with Tallinn leading in higher education attainment. In contrast, cities like Tartu, Narva, Pärnu, and Kohtla-Järve, though smaller, exhibit robust education levels, contributing to Estonia's reputation as an educationally forward nation. The variation in education levels across these cities is captured in our Education Distribution Chart.

Demographics Data Estonia - education distribution


Estonia's demographic landscape is as diverse as its digital advancements and historical roots. From the vibrant life of its bustling cities to the serene pace of its smallest municipalities, each Linnad and Vallad contributes to the nation's unique demographic quilt. Our "Demographics Dataset Estonia 2023" is meticulously crafted to provide a thorough understanding of this vibrant country's population distribution. It serves as a critical tool for businesses to tailor their services, for policymakers to craft informed strategies, and for researchers to uncover new insights into the Estonian way of life.

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