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In the digital age, accurate data is paramount for strategic decision-making. Geolocet, a Data-as-a-Service company specializing in European population demographics, political map boundaries, and points of interest, provides reliable datasets tailored to businesses, researchers, and data enthusiasts alike. From intricate Demographics Data and Aggregated Points of Interest (PoI) Data to detailed insights into European Brands Locations and Administrative Boundaries, we ensure your endeavors are supported by meticulous, relevant, and customized data solutions.

Our Products

Administrative Boundaries Data: Dive deep into the geographical nuances of European countries, exploring not just their external borders, but also the regions and sub-regions that shape each nation’s unique identity.

European Demographics Population Density mapDemographics Data for European Countries: Unlock a wealth of demographic information to enrich your understanding of European populations. With our data, gain insights into population size, age distributions, income levels, and much more across varied territories. 

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European Brand Locations Data: Gain insights into the vast landscape of brand distribution across Europe. Understand regional preferences, identify market gaps, and strategize your next big move with confidence.

Points of Interest (PoI) Data: Navigate through an exhaustive database of Points of Interest across Europe, catering to diverse sectors like retail, healthcare, tourism, and more. 

Distinguished Expertise

Our seasoned team brings a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in Software Development, Data Engineering, and Marketing Services.

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This collective knowledge positions us as industry leaders, equipped with the insights and skills to navigate the evolving challenges faced by businesses in the European market.

We are deeply committed to applying our expertise in crafting innovative data solutions towards meeting the specific needs of our clients. Our services have empowered countless businesses to optimize their operations, drive targeted marketing efforts, and identify strategic expansion opportunities.

Our Methodology

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While our core product offering is composed of off-the-shelf datasets catering to a broad spectrum of applications, we are also equipped to provide bespoke data solutions. We recognize that each client comes with unique requirements, which we strive to accommodate through our customized offerings. Our methodology leverages the latest advances in data analytics, machine learning, and geographic information systems to provide high-precision location data. Whether you are seeking ready-to-use datasets or need tailor-made solutions, our approach is geared toward turning data into actionable business insights aligned with your goals.

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We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and deliver data solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a dynamic startup, we have the tools and expertise to support your growth. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our location data solutions can drive your business forward.

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