Administrative Boundaries Data for the European Countries


In a data-centric landscape, having detailed Administrative Boundaries of European countries is pivotal. Geolocet proudly offers an unparalleled collection of European Map data, meticulously portraying the official boundaries of Europe, political divisions, and comprehensive regional and local boundaries.

Key Features:

  • Annual Updates for Precision: Our datasets undergo meticulous updates once a year. With our last update in September 2023, rest assured that you are accessing the most recent and up-to-date official boundaries of the European countries and their administrative divisions, sub-divisions, and municipalities.
  • Flexible Purchase Options: Choose according to your needs. Purchase individual administrative levels or acquire all levels for a particular country as a separate dataset.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our datasets are not only comprehensive but also affordably priced, ranging from 6 EUR to 90 EUR, ensuring value for every budget.
  • Versatile Formats and Customization: Ready for immediate use, all our downloadable administrative boundaries can be swiftly acquired from our Data Store in both GeoJson and Shapefile formats. Need customization? Our data can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

List of available administrative levels of the Political Boundaries per country

Complementary Datasets

  • Brand Locations Data: Dive into the longitude and latitude coordinates of brand locations across Europe. For instance, visualize the spread of a particular brand using our Administrative Boundaries Data. The combination provides insights into regional brand preferences, market saturation, and potential expansion areas.
  • Demographics Data: Superimpose demographic data on our boundaries to get a comprehensive visualization of population size, age distributions, and income levels. This enhances decision-making, targeting potential market segments and understanding regional dynamics.
  • Points of Interest (PoI) Data: Display various Points of Interest on our detailed administrative maps. From tourism spots to healthcare centers, visualize how these PoIs are distributed across regions, aiding in strategic planning and analysis.

Use Cases

  1. Integrated Business Strategy: Combine our Brand Locations Data with Administrative Boundaries to identify untapped market regions or over-saturated areas, and strategize accordingly.
  2. Visual Data Analysis: Overlay Demographics Data on our boundaries for a visual representation of population metrics. Identify areas of high population density, age group concentrations, and more.
  3. Academic Research: Our Administrative divisions data aids scholars in studies pertaining to European politics and regional specifics.
  4. Business Expansion and Strategy: Tap into the power of our Administrative boundaries data for confident business strategies in European terrains.
  5. Urban Planning and Development: With insights into regional and local boundaries in Europe, planners can pave the path for sustainable urban projects.
  6. GIS Applications: Geospatial professionals can leverage our accurate GIS boundaries for enhanced mapping and spatial analyses.
  7. Marketing and Advertising: Brands can use our European Map data for targeted campaigns focusing on specific European divisions.
  8. Tourism and Travel: With our political divisions boundaries, travel agencies can craft region-focused experiences.

Why Choose Geolocet’s Administrative Boundaries Data?

Geolocet stands as the beacon of accuracy, reliability, and customization in the realm of European Map Data. With over two decades of experience, we provide unmatched administrative boundaries GeoJson and shape file solutions, serving as your trusted partner in downloadable Administrative boundaries.

Dive into Europe’s political boundaries and equip your projects with the power of precision.

Immediate Download of Administrative Boundaries from our Data Store

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