Latest Ireland Geodemographic and Geospatial Data: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

Latest Ireland Geodemographic and Geospatial Data: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

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Product Description: Comprehensive Geodemographic and Geospatial Dataset for Ireland

Explore comprehensive geodemographic and geospatial data with our dataset, structured to support various applications including urban planning, market research, and academic studies. This dataset offers demographics data for each municipality in Ireland and includes accurate geographic boundaries, serving as an essential resource for population data and geographic information.

Key Statistics:

  • Number of Municipalities: 3,417
  • Number of Regions: 31
  • Total Population: 5,056,927
  • Number of Males: 2,498,987
  • Number of Females: 2,557,940
  • Number of Children Aged Below 15: 994,054
  • Number of People Aged 15-64: 3,300,418
  • Number of People Aged 65 and Above: 762,455
  • Area in Sq Km: 70,238.76
  • Population Density per Sq Km: 72.00

Key Features:

  • In-depth Geodemographics Data: Total population, gender distribution, age distribution, municipal area, and population density.
  • Accurate Geospatial Data: Geographic boundaries in Shapefile format, using WGS84 projection.
  • Convenient Formats: Available in CSV and Shapefile formats for easy data manipulation and spatial analysis.

Additional Offerings:

Enrich your insights with comprehensive demographics, administrative boundaries, and more detailed data for Ireland.

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