Londis, Premier, and Costcutter number of stores and locations

A Comprehensive Comparison: Londis, Costcutter, and Premier Stores Across the UK

In the competitive UK retail sector, Londis, Costcutter, and Premier stand out for their strategic presence and distinct store locations. This article delves into their number of stores, providing a thorough analysis at the UK, country, and region levels. By exploring Londis, Costcutter, and Premier store locations with exact numbers, we aim to reveal the intricacies of each brand's market strategy and geographical footprint.

Nationwide Overview

At a glance, the UK convenience store scene is dominated by these three players, with Premier leading the pack:

  • Premier: 4,328 stores
  • Londis: 2,085 stores
  • Costcutter: 1,219 stores

This distribution not only showcases Premier's expansive network but also highlights the significant foothold Londis and Costcutter have established. Each brand's strategy reflects its understanding of the UK market, adapting to both urban densities and rural demands.

Country-Level Deep Dive

Londis, Premier, and Costcutter number of stores per country


In England, the heart of the UK's retail market, the distribution of stores tells a story of strategic placement and market dominance:

  • Premier: 3,399 stores
  • Londis: 1,779 stores
  • Costcutter: 948 stores

Premier's overwhelming presence across England signifies its broad appeal and accessibility, catering to a diverse demographic. Londis and Costcutter, while trailing, demonstrate a robust network, serving key urban and suburban areas.

Northern Ireland

The narrative shifts in Northern Ireland, where Costcutter shines with a focused strategy:

  • Costcutter: 133 stores
  • Premier: 23 stores
  • Londis does not have a presence

Costcutter's dominance here underscores its targeted approach to meeting the specific needs of the Northern Irish market, a testament to its adaptability and local market understanding.

Scotland and Wales

In Scotland and Wales, Premier's strategy to penetrate less urbanized and rural areas is evident:

  • Scotland: Premier leads with 479 stores, followed by Londis (174 stores) and Costcutter (81 stores).
  • Wales: Premier's presence is strong with 427 stores, with Londis and Costcutter maintaining a strategic but smaller presence.

These numbers reflect a commitment from Premier to serve communities across the UK, while Londis and Costcutter adopt more targeted approaches.

Regional Analysis: Unpacking Store Locations

Londis, Premier, and Costcutter number of stores per region

The locations of Londis, Costcutter, and Premier stores across UK regions offers a fascinating glimpse into the strategic positioning of these leading convenience store brands. Each region tells a story of competitive balance, market dominance, or strategic focus. Here's a closer look at the regional store numbers:

East Midlands

  • Premier: 333 stores
  • Londis: 141 stores
  • Costcutter: 59 stores

In the East Midlands, Premier shows a strong lead, indicating its broad appeal across this region. Londis and Costcutter have a presence but with a more focused approach, reflecting a strategic selection of store locations to cater to specific local needs.

Costcutter - number of stores and store locations

East of England

  • Premier: 426 stores
  • Londis: 218 stores
  • Costcutter: 123 stores

This region demonstrates a healthy competitive environment, with all three brands maintaining a significant presence. Premier's lead is notable, but the substantial numbers for Londis and Costcutter suggest a strong consumer choice.


  • Premier: 154 stores
  • Londis: 276 stores
  • Costcutter: 170 stores
Londis - number of stores and store locations

London stands out for its high number of stores, showcasing Londis' urban-centric strategy. Despite Premier's overall dominance in the UK, Londis leads in London, with Costcutter also showing a strong urban focus.

North East

  • Premier: 328 stores
  • Londis: 84 stores
  • Costcutter: 30 stores

Premier's significant presence in the North East underscores its strategy of extensive reach, while Londis and Costcutter adopt a more selective approach in this region.

North West

  • Premier: 471 stores
  • Londis: 165 stores
  • Costcutter: 67 stores

The North West is a stronghold for Premier, reflecting its strategy to cater to both urban centers and rural outskirts. Londis and Costcutter maintain a strategic presence, focusing on key areas.

South East

  • Premier: 518 stores
  • Londis: 368 stores
  • Costcutter: 163 stores

The South East showcases a strong balance among all three brands, with Premier leading but Londis and Costcutter also having substantial store counts. This reflects the region's economic vitality and population density.

South West

  • Premier: 437 stores
  • Londis: 178 stores
  • Costcutter: 92 stores

Premier's strong presence in the South West is part of its national strategy, with Londis and Costcutter adopting more focused approaches to serve this region's specific needs.

West Midlands

Premier - number of stores and store locations
  • Premier: 361 stores
  • Londis: 162 stores
  • Costcutter: 152 stores

The West Midlands presents a competitive environment with a relatively balanced presence among the three brands, especially between Londis and Costcutter, showcasing their strategic investments in this region.

Yorkshire and The Humber

  • Premier: 371 stores
  • Londis: 187 stores
  • Costcutter: 92 stores

This region highlights Premier's strategy of widespread accessibility, with Londis and Costcutter maintaining strong positions, reflecting the competitive nature of the market.


The regional analysis of number stores of Londis, Premier, and Costcutter underscores the strategic differences and competitive dynamics among these leading UK convenience store networks. While Premier generally leads in store count, demonstrating its broad market strategy, Londis and Costcutter show strong urban and regional focuses, respectively. This detailed breakdown not only reveals the competitive landscape in each region but also highlights the diverse strategies employed by each brand to cater to the UK's varied retail market.

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