Top Grocery Brands Store Locations in the UK: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

Top Grocery Brands Store Locations in the UK: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

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Comprehensive List of Locations of Top UK Grocery Brand Stores

This dataset provides a detailed overview of 22,742 store locations across the UK as of 25 March 2024, covering a range of retail formats including supermarkets, superstores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and frozen food stores. It represents the locations of the most popular grocery brands in the UK, offering a broad perspective on their geographical distribution.

Accessing this dataset offer cost advantages by consolidating information across multiple brands into a single resource:

  • Premier: 4,328 locations. [Individual dataset: $80]
  • Co-op: 3,482 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Tesco: 2,876 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Londis: 2,085 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Morrisons: 1,569 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Sainsbury's: 1,415 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Costcutter: 1,219 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • One Stop: 1,028 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • ALDI: 1,026 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Lidl: 965 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Iceland: 907 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Marks & Spencer: 759 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • ASDA: 665 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]
  • Waitrose: 418 locations. [Individual dataset: $70]

Our dataset provides detailed information, including:

  • Title and Address: Complete with street number, name, locality, city/town/village, area, and postal code.
  • Contact Details: Phone number and website for easy access.
  • Accessibility: Information on wheelchair accessibility.
  • Operational Hours: Know when the stores are open for your convenience.
  • Geolocation: Precise latitude and longitude for easy navigation.

Regional Distribution Insights

Get a closer look at how these grocery, convenience, and frozen food stores are spread across the UK, providing easy access to quality food and products:

  • England: 18,898 store locations,
  • Scotland: 2,155 store locations,
  • Wales: 1,312 store locations,
  • Northern Ireland: 377 store locations.

This data provides a comprehensive view of the grocery shopping landscape across the top grocery brands in the UK, suitable for both personal use and in-depth market analysis. For those seeking an even broader perspective, including locations of all grocery stores beyond the top brands, we offer an additional dataset here.

Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

The dataset detailing the top grocery brands' store locations in the UK is ready for immediate download in a CSV format. It is designed to be easily accessible and practical for a variety of uses, such as retail analysis, geospatial mapping, or strategic planning.

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For added convenience and accessibility, this product is also available on leading data platforms, including Datarade, Databricks, and AWS. These platforms provide easy access and integration options for users across different industries, enhancing the utility of the dataset for diverse applications.

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