Morrisons vs Londis number of stores and locations

Londis vs. Morrisons: Unveiling Store Numbers and Locations Across the UK

In the bustling arena of the UK's grocery industry, two prominent contenders, Londis and Morrisons, command attention. Each with its unique footprint and market strategies, these household names shape consumer experiences across the nation. Let's delve into their origins, dissect their presence at various levels, and uncover the competitive dynamics at play.


Londis: Londis, established in the UK, has steadily grown since its inception into a significant player in the convenience store sector. With a focus on meeting the evolving needs of consumers, Londis has carved its place in the hearts of British shoppers.

Morrisons: In contrast, Morrisons traces its roots to traditional market stalls in Yorkshire, dating back to 1899. Over the years, it has expanded into a retail giant, known for its commitment to quality produce and competitive pricing.

UK Level Analysis:

At the national level, Londis boasts a formidable presence with 2,085 stores, while Morrisons follows closely with 1,569 outlets. Londis' expansive network caters to consumers seeking convenience, while Morrisons' focus on quality resonates with discerning shoppers.

Country Level Breakdown:

Londis vs Morrisons - number of stores at country level

England: Londis dominates in England with 1,779 stores, reflecting its deep penetration into urban and rural areas. Morrisons, with 1,293 outlets, maintains a significant presence, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Northern Ireland: In Northern Ireland, while Londis maintains a significant presence with 174 stores, Morrisons is absent, indicating the nuanced strategies needed for regional markets.

Scotland: Scotland presents a closely contested arena, with Londis and Morrisons operating 132 and 196 stores respectively. Each chain tailors its offerings to resonate with Scottish consumers, emphasizing convenience and quality.

Wales: Londis maintains a stronghold in Wales with 132 stores, while Morrisons follows closely with 78 outlets. This reflects the diverse preferences of Welsh consumers and the strategic positioning of each chain.

Region Level Analysis:

Londis vs Morrisons - number of stores at regional level

East Midlands: Londis and Morrisons compete closely in the East Midlands region, with Londis operating 141 stores compared to Morrisons' 99 outlets. While both chains offer convenience and a diverse product range, Londis' slightly higher store count may indicate its stronger presence in smaller towns and rural areas, whereas Morrisons may focus more on larger urban centers.

East of England: In the East of England, Londis maintains a lead with 218 stores, surpassing Morrisons' 151 outlets. This disparity may reflect Londis' focus on convenience and accessibility, particularly in suburban and rural communities, while Morrisons' presence may be concentrated in larger towns and cities where it can offer its full supermarket experience.

London: Londis operates 276 stores in London, significantly outnumbering Morrisons' 56 outlets. This reflects Londis' success in catering to the diverse needs of urban consumers, offering convenience and accessibility in densely populated areas. Morrisons' smaller presence may indicate challenges in competing with other supermarket chains and local convenience stores in the capital.

North East: Londis and Morrisons have a comparable presence in the North East, with Londis operating 84 stores and Morrisons operating 88 outlets. This balanced competition suggests that both chains have successfully tailored their offerings to meet the preferences of consumers in this region, which may include a mix of urban and rural communities.

North West: Morrisons leads in the North West region with 242 outlets, surpassing Londis' 165 stores. This may reflect Morrisons' strength in larger supermarket formats, catering to families and bulk shoppers in urban and suburban areas. Londis' presence, although slightly smaller, may be focused on convenience stores serving local neighborhoods.

County Level Analysis:

Kent: Londis maintains a significant lead in Kent with 89 stores compared to Morrisons' 40 outlets. This suggests that Londis has successfully captured market share in both urban and rural areas of the county, offering convenience and accessibility to local residents. Morrisons' smaller presence may indicate a strategic focus on larger towns and cities.

Londis number of stores and store locations

Essex: Londis and Morrisons are closely matched in Essex, with Londis operating 42 stores and Morrisons operating 43 outlets. This balanced competition suggests that both chains have effectively targeted consumers in this populous county, offering convenience and quality products to meet diverse preferences.

Hampshire: In Hampshire, Londis and Morrisons have a comparable presence, with 44 stores each. This suggests that both chains have strategically positioned themselves to cater to the needs of consumers across urban and rural areas of the county, offering convenience and accessibility.

Surrey: Londis leads in Surrey with 60 stores compared to Morrisons' 20 outlets. This significant difference may indicate that Londis has successfully established itself as a preferred choice for convenience shopping in this affluent county, offering accessibility and a diverse product range tailored to local preferences. 

Morrisons number of stores and store locations

Lancashire: Londis maintains a lead in Lancashire with 44 stores, surpassing Morrisons' 33 outlets. This suggests that Londis has effectively penetrated both urban and rural areas of the county, catering to the convenience needs of local residents. Morrisons' smaller presence may indicate a strategic focus on larger towns and cities.

Overall, analyzing the region and county level data provides valuable insights into the competitive dynamics between Londis and Morrisons. These insights can help both chains refine their strategies, optimize their store networks, and better serve their customers across different regions and counties in the UK.


In the UK's grocery landscape, Londis and Morrisons play pivotal roles, each with distinct strategies. Analyzing their presence from national to local levels unveils competitive dynamics. Despite Morrisons' absence in Northern Ireland, insights into regional and county-level distribution highlight strategic adaptation. From bustling London to serene Surrey, their competition shapes local markets. Understanding these dynamics guides strategic decisions for both chains, ensuring effective service in a dynamic grocery landscape.

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