Latest BeNeLux Geospatial and Demographic Data: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

Latest BeNeLux Geospatial and Demographic Data: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

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Latest BeNeLux Municipalities Comprehensive Geospatial & Demographic Dataset

Explore BeNeLux municipal landscapes with our 2023 Enhanced BeNeLux Municipalities Dataset, last updated in April 2024. This dataset is a valuable resource for anyone needing comprehensive geospatial data and demographic data on the BeNeLux.

Key Statistics:

  • Number of Municipalities: 1,023
  • Total Population: 30,158,234
  • Number of Males: 14,938,553
  • Number of Females: 15,219,681
  • Number of Children Aged Below 15: 4,828,752
  • Number of People Aged 15-64: 19,271,453
  • Number of People Aged 65 and Above: 6,058,029
  • Area in Sq Km: 74,809.66
  • Population Density per Sq Km: 403.13

Key Statistics:

  • Latest Data Collection: Featuring data from the year 2023, meticulously compiled and updated as of April 2024 to ensure the highest accuracy and relevance.
  • Geographic Precision: Each entry includes detailed polygon shapes of the municipalities in EPSG: 4326 projection, ideal for spatial analysis and mapping.
  • Rich Demographic Insights: Features demographic details for each municipality, including:
  • Total Population,
  • Gender Breakdown (Males, Females),
  • Age Groups (0-14, 15-64, 64+), and
  • Population Density.
  • Regional Information: Data is segmented by Country Code, Country Name, and Region, enhancing regional analysis capabilities.
  • Multiple Data Formats: Each dataset is available in both shapefile and CSV format, ensuring compatibility with major GIS software and other data handling tools.
  • Sample Data: Test the quality and compatibility of our data with a free sample available for download.

Access & Usage:

  • Instant download upon purchase for all datasets.
  • Free sample available for instant data evaluation.

Elevate your geographical and demographic analysis with the most thorough and accessible dataset available on the BeNeLux municipalities — Geolocet’s flagship product.

Coverage Details:

Image Country Total Population in thousand people Area Density
Administrative boundaries and geodemographic data Belgium Belgium 11686 380.93
Administrative boundaries and geodemographic data Luxembourg Luxembourg 661 254.79
Administrative boundaries and geodemographic data Netherlands Netherlands 17811 428.79

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