Germany Grocery Store Locations: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

Germany Grocery Store Locations: Comprehensive Dataset Available for Download

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Supercharge Your Germany Grocery Retail Strategies: 55,000+ supermarkets, convenience stores, butchers, and more

Discover the most comprehensive dataset of grocery store locations in Germany. Our meticulously curated POI data offers precise geolocations and detailed attributes of every grocery outlet across the country. Start leveraging our reliable list of grocery stores in Germany for superior market insights and strategic decision-making. Available now for instant access!

Last update: 9 April 2024

Our comprehensive Points of Interest dataset offers over 55,000 locations of grocery stores across Germany.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Coverage: Discover a vast network of grocery stores, supermarkets, butchers, and hypermarkets – all across Germany.
  • Detailed Data: Benefit from detailed POI data including names, precise coordinates, localities, and brand affiliations for the top 30 grocery brands in Germany, enhancing your strategic decisions.
  • Customizable Data Access: Tailor your data access to meet your specific needs. Define custom geographic regions within Germany to pinpoint the exact data that will drive your business forward.

    Geographical Breakdown:

    Location Number of Locations Locations per 1,000 People
    Nordrhein-Westfalen 10,870 0.60
    Bayern 9,525 0.71
    Baden-Württemberg 7,411 0.66
    Niedersachsen 5,791 0.71
    Hessen 4,498 0.70
    Sachsen 2,801 0.69
    Rheinland-Pfalz 2,655 0.64
    Schleswig-Holstein 2,156 0.73
    Berlin 1,808 0.48
    Sachsen-Anhalt 1,599 0.73
    Thüringen 1,529 0.72
    Brandenburg 1,517 0.59
    Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 1,287 0.77
    Hamburg 1,015 0.54
    Saarland 613 0.62
    Bremen 455 0.66

    Brands Breakdown

    • Edeka - 6007 store locations,
    • REWE - 4669 store locations,
    • Netto - 4404 store locations,
    • ALDI - 4055 store locations,
    • Lidl - 3205 store locations,
    • PENNY - 1941 store locations,
    • Norma - 1251 store locations,
    • Kaufland - 776 store locations,
    • Nahkauf - 515 store locations,
    • tegut... - 340 store locations,
    • SPAR - 294 store locations,
    • K+K Klaas - 198 store locations,
    • Thomas Philipps - 187 store locations,
    • Mix Markt - 162 store locations,
    • FRISTO - 154 store locations,
    • Alnatura - 116 store locations,
    • famila - 115 store locations.
    • ...

    Additional Benefits:

    • Enhanced Enrichment: Explore optional add-ons to elevate our points of interest dataset and gain deeper insights. Consider including:
      • Opening Hours: Stay up-to-date on business hours for informed planning.
      • Ratings: Leverage customer reviews to gauge POI popularity.
      • Expanded Contact Details: Gain access to additional phone numbers, email addresses, and website URLs for comprehensive reach.

    Contact our sales team at to discuss your specific needs and explore our customisation options. 

    • Effortless Acquisition: Explore a free sample, download the full dataset from our platform, or access it on leading marketplaces like AWS, Datarade, and Databricks.
    • Best Price Guarantee: Get the most competitive pricing without sacrificing data quality.

    Use cases:

    • Optimize New Store Locations: Identify the most promising locations for new grocery stores with unparalleled insights into current market saturation and demographic compatibility.
    • Competitor Analysis: Gain a strategic advantage by mapping out competitor locations throughout Germany, understanding their market presence and identifying opportunities.
    • Market Expansion Planning: Utilize our detailed POI data to strategize your market expansion, considering demographic trends and competitive landscapes.

    Additional Offerings:

    • Demographics Data for Germany: Enrich your insights with comprehensive UK demographics, including income levels, age demographics, household compositions, gender distributions, and educational profiles.
    • Germany - Administrative Boundaries: Gain deeper context with shapefile format boundaries of the German administrative divisions, enhancing the spatial analysis of your dataset.

    Call to Action:

    Unleash the power of location intelligence through our Grocery Locations dataset for Germany! Choose the option that best suits your needs:

    • Download a Sample: Evaluate the potential of our base POI dataset before you commit. Get a free sample directly from our platform to explore the data structure and quality.
    • Purchase the Full Dataset: Unlock the full potential of your location analysis. Purchase the complete base dataset through our platform for immediate access.

    Alternatively, contact our sales team at to discuss your specific needs and explore our customization options. We'll help you craft the perfect data solution to supercharge your business.

    Please note: If your company is VAT registered, require an invoice and you're interested in purchasing this product, kindly reach out to our team at for assistance.