Lithuania Municipalities (Savivaldybės / Rajonai) Boundaries Dataset

Lithuania Municipalities (Savivaldybės / Rajonai) Boundaries Dataset

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Download the Detailed Administrative Boundaries of Lithuania’s Municipalities (Savivaldybės / Rajonai)

Our meticulously crafted dataset contains the political boundaries of Lithuania on Municipalities (Savivaldybės / Rajonai) level. This administrative level corresponds to the statistical level NUTS3/LAU1.

Industry-Compliant Formats

Our dataset is rendered in the globally-acknowledged coordinate reference system, EPSG:4326 (WGS84). Ensuring unparalleled precision and compatibility across a spectrum of geospatial applications and analyses, this dataset can be an essential tool for urban planning, research, and intricate GIS applications. The dataset is provided in both GeoJSON and Shapefile formats.

Continually Updated

Our commitment to accuracy is reflected in our diligent updates, with the last refresh in September 2023, ensuring your projects are empowered by the most recent and precise data regarding Lithuania’s territorial and political demarcations.

Enhance Your Analysis with Geodemographics

For deeper insights, complement this dataset with our Lithuania Geodemographics Dataset with Boundaries, which offers enriched demographic overlays on these same boundaries, perfect for targeted marketing, population studies, and more detailed sociographic analysis.

Your Success, Our Support

If you find yourself in need of alternative formats, unique projections, or are unable to locate the specific territorial divisions your work requires, our expert team is at your service. Contact us at to explore bespoke solutions tailored to your individual geospatial needs.

Navigating Lithuania with Confidence

Leverage our dataset to navigate Lithuania’s Municipalities-level boundaries with confidence and precision, enhancing your projects, analyses, and applications with robust, detailed, and reliable geospatial data.