Latest Romania Demographics Data

Latest Romania Demographics Data

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Discover Romania's Demographic Landscape with Ease!

Are you searching for the most up-to-date and reliable demographics data, population distribution insights, and a comprehensive demographic profile of Romania? Look no further! At Geolocet, we offer the most simplified and cost-efficient demographics data acquisition process on the market, coupled with numerous benefits to meet your needs. 

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Demographics Data: Gain access to the latest and most accurate population statistics for Romania, meticulously organized by development regions and counties (regiuni de dezvoltare si judete). Our dataset, sourced from official statistical sources, including National Institute of Statistics - Romania, contains 200 attributes to provide a complete demographic profile.
  • Detailed Demographic Insights: Dive deep into Romania's demographic landscape with data on 200 key attributes, including: 
    • Total Population,
    • Rural/Urban population distribution, 
    • Gender distribution, 
    • Gender divided by rural/urban population distribution, 
    • Age distribution, 
    • Age divided by rural/urban population distribution,
    • Age divided by gender distribution,
    • Age split by gender and rural/urban distribution,
    • Employed people by ownership of the company,
    • Average income,
    • Level of education of unemployed,
    • Labour force.

     All demographic attributes are available at the development regions and counties (regiuni de dezvoltare si judete) level.

  • Seamless Data Access: Our data is available for instant download in CSV format. No lengthy sign-up processes or NDA agreements required on our side - just download the data you need.
  • Data Samples for Evaluation: To ensure you're getting exactly what you need, we provide free downloadable samples in CSV format for data evaluation.
  • Flexible Data Delivery: Choose how you want your data delivered - download it directly or have it delivered to your AWS S3 bucket. You can also find our datasets on AWS Data Exchange and Databricks for added convenience.
  • Data Customization: Need data at a more granular level? We offer customization options such as Uber grid or square grid data and various formats, including ESRI shapefile, Excel, GeoJSON, JSON, and more.
  • Administrative Boundaries of Romania: If you require geographical boundaries (polygons) for the development regions and counties of Romania, consider exploring our Administrative Boundaries product, which seamlessly integrates with this dataset.
  • Point of Interest (PoI) Data: Enhance your geographical analysis with our Point of Interest (PoI) data. Contact us for customized datasets to enrich your research.
  • Data accuracy: Our datasets are created using the latest demographics data (December 2022) available in national statistics bureaus, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.
  • Best-in-Class Quality: We guarantee best-in-class quality, backed by over two decades of experience in modeling demographics data and an outstanding quality management process.
  • Competitive Pricing: We maintain the lowest prices on the market, ensuring that you get the most cost-efficient demographics data acquisition process.

Unlock the potential of Romania's demographic data and make informed decisions for your research, business analysis, or policy formulation. Trust in Geolocet for the simplest, fastest, and most affordable demographics data acquisition process available.

Don't miss out on the insights you need - explore Romania's census data with Geolocet today!

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