Russia - Administrative boundaries datasets

Russia - Administrative boundaries datasets

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Download the Administrative and Political Boundaries of Russia

Our diligently crafted dataset is designed to delineate the various administrative boundaries, territorial divisions, and geographical delineations within Russia. Our dataset consists of:

  • Country (Страна)
  • Federal districts (Федеральные округа)
  • Federal subjects (Субъекты федерации)
  • Municipal districts and okrugs of federal subjects (except federal cities), urban okrugs, including ZATO and urban okrugs with intracity division (муниципальные районы и округа субъектов федерации (кроMе ГФЗ), городские округа, в т.ч. ЗАТО и ГО с внутригородским делением)
  • Urban and rural municipalities, municipal intra-city territories of federal cities, districts of urban okrugs with intracity division (Городские и сельские муниципальные образования, внутригородские муниципальные образования ГФЗ, районы ГО с внутригородским делением)

Industry-Compliant Formats

Our dataset is rendered in the globally-acknowledged coordinate reference system, EPSG:4326 (WGS84). Ensuring unparalleled precision and compatibility across a spectrum of geospatial applications and analyses, this dataset can be an essential tool for urban planning, research, and intricate GIS applications. The dataset is provided in both GeoJSON and Shapefile formats.

Continually Updated

Our commitment to accuracy is reflected in our diligent updates, with the last refresh in September 2023, ensuring your projects are empowered by the most recent and precise data regarding Russia’s territorial and political demarcations.

Your Success, Our Support

If you find yourself in need of alternative formats, unique projections, or are unable to locate the specific territorial divisions your work requires, our expert team is at your service. Contact us at to explore bespoke solutions tailored to your individual geospatial needs.

Leverage Our Data, Elevate Your Projects

Enhance your geographical analyses, derive profound visualizations, and empower your research and development initiatives in Russia with our dataset, providing a comprehensive view into Russia’s administrative, geographical, and political landscapes.